Our Model
Armed with a vision of a truly inclusive society and through partnerships with the public and private sectors and international organizations, we have constructed a comprehensive model that seeks to ensure the full development of young refugees’ skills by offering them higher education opportunities.

After a rigorous selection process, we accept the applications of young refugees living in highly precarious conditions.

We make our decisions based on letters of recommendation, interviews, and other documents that are part of each student's file.


If beneficiaries reside outside of Mexico, we organize and finance their travel to Mexico.

We take care of all migration procedures to ensure the legality of beneficiaries' stay in the country.

We validate their academic qualifications with the Mexican Secretariat of Public Education.


We prepare beneficiaries for university with our year-long Intensive Course in Spanish Language and Academix Re-Integration (CIAERA).

This course includes career counseling, workshops, cultural activities and field trips.


We have a large network of partner universities in seven Mexican States in which beneficiaries can study bachelor's or master's degrees.

All beneficiaries receive full scholarships.


We create partnerships with private sector partners so that beneficiaries can begin part-time work from the end of their first year of studies.